Guiding Green Transformations: Our Consultancy Services

Do you own a piece of land and don't know how to start? Are you interested in initiating a Mini Food Forest system, or do you seek greater success with your tree plantations? Are you willing to transform your company into a more environmentally responsible organization? 

Our consultancy services are tailored to individuals, companies, and organizations seeking to unleash the full potential of their land while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. With that we aim to transform landscapes and empower communities through regenerative practices.

Private Land Consultancy

We will provide you personalized guidance to turn your property into a greener place. From soil health assessments to strategic planting plans, we help you create an oasis that not only benefits the environment but also yields food, supports biodiversity, and becomes a source of inspiration.

Producing Food and Ensuring Food Sovereignty: Our approach to private land consultancy emphasizes not only creating a beautiful landscape but also one that ensures sustenance. We focus on combining non-edible and edible plants and trees that contribute to resilience and food sovereignty, ensuring a diverse source of nutrition right from your own property.

Our consultancy goes beyond creating Mini Food Forests. We explore the broader possibilities your land holds, including soil improvement, ecosystem regeneration, and community engagement. Together, we envision a landscape that not only sustains itself but becomes a hub for environmental education and community connection.

Practical examples:

1. Monoculture Transformation: Convert an old monoculture olive tree plot or an orange orchard into a biodiverse Mini Food Forest.

2. Land Restoration and Regeneration: Transform an unproductive field into a flourishing food forest, turning barren land into a thriving ecosystem.

3. Social Oasis: Design a Mini Food Forest system with a dedicated social area, offering a pleasant space where people can connect with nature.

4. Farmers Transition: For traditional or organic monoculture farmers, integrate Mini Food Forests across the land to enhance biodiversity, attract pollinators, improve water retention, and naturally control pests and diseases.

Contact us to discuss your consultancy needs, and let's work together to create regenerative landscapes for us and for generations to come.

Corporate and Organizational Consultancy

For businesses and organizations committed to environmental responsibility, carbon footprint compensation or ecosystems regeneration, our consultancy services offer a roadmap to incorporate regenerative practices into your operations. Whether it's integrating Mini Food Forests into corporate spaces, supporting community initiatives to create islands of biodiversity, or enhancing environmental sustainability, we guide you toward green solutions aligned with your values, creating a lasting impact.

Practical Examples:

1. Carbon Emission Compensation: Develop strategies to compensate the carbon emissions of your company, by implementing Mini Food Forests, contributing to carbon sequestration, environmental sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. This can be done at the company's own land or elsewhere.

2. Urban Parks: Implement Mini Food Forest systems in urban parks to strengthen the connection between the population and nature, promoting environmental awareness and sustainable food production.

3. Landscape Architecture: Collaborate on landscape architecture and real estate projects, integrating Mini Food Forests into designs for eco-resorts, glamping sites, golf courses, shared land condominiums, and more.

Why Choose The Biggest Mini Forest Consultancy?

Contact us to discuss your consultancy needs, and let's work together to create regenerative landscapes for us and for generations to come.

Aerial view from the land where the first mini food forest of the project was implemented in Algarve.

Consultancy F.A.Q. Section

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